Car insurance of Crown Car Rent Co., Ltd. is a type of commercial insurance (for car rental business) type 1, which is very important. which commercial insurance premiums are much more expensive than class 1 insurance as an individual

In the case of renting a car which is not a type of insurance for rental cars accident The insurance company will not be responsible. which will make the tenant responsible for himself

. In the event that the driver does not have a driver's license or whose alcohol content exceeds the legal limit Or use the car outside the area specified by the shop (Do not use it to Mae Hong Son and Nan provinces. Except for the TOYOTA FORTUNER model, the insurance does not cover damages. The tenant is responsible for all damages.

Commercial insurance terms for rental cars are CROWN CDW (Collision Damage Waiver: CDW has a deductible).
1. In the event of an accident, there are parties and the tenant is right – the tenant does not have to pay any expenses.

2. In the event of an accident The tenant is at fault or does not have a party, such as hitting a tree, a lamppost, or causing a mark during the tenant's renting without knowing the person doing it. The tenant must pay for the opening of the insurance claim (preliminary damages so that the customer is careful when using the car) to the company. to pay the insurance company to issue a repair certificate.
- Engine 1200 - 1500 CC, opening fee 3,000 baht

� In the case of heavy repairs (15 days or more, there is a loss of benefit 500/day)

- Motor cars 2000 -2500 CC ( CAMRY , ACCCORD , FORTUNER ) Claim opening fee 3,000 -5,000 baht

In the case of heavy repair (15 days or more, there is a loss of benefit 1,000/day)

Commercial type insurance (type for car rental business) (Collision Damage Waiver: CDW has a deductible) does not cover tires and glass. when the damage The tenant must pay for repairs.

3.1 Tires 1,000 - 3,000 baht per piece and change the spare tire no extra cost )

3.2 In case of broken or cracked glass Glass replacement fee 3,000 baht

Protection on the day of delivering the car to the customer, the company will take a photo of the ID card and driver's license together with the contract to send to the insurance company for protection. Customers are out of worry in using the car.

In the case of wanting to protect the opening fee Insurance without deductible, Zero Excess ( CROWN SCDW )
1. Motor vehicles 1200 - 1500 CC, an additional 150 baht per day.

2. Motor vehicles 2000 CC or more ( CAMRY , ACCORD , FORTUNER ) add 200 baht per day.

for protection in the event of an accident The tenant is at fault or there is no party, the customer does not have to pay to open the claim. Except in the case of deliberately causing an accident
. . . This protection only covers the vehicle. It does not cover other parts of the vehicle or any equipment. Contained in the vehicle and does not include fines expenses that may occur during the rental process, such as glass, tires, wheels, rims, wheels, interior, roof, keys, important documents of the car or other personal property

Always rent a car Don't forget to ask for insurance conditions.
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